Grandma’s Victory Garden & Covid-19

“Remember your grandparent’s or great-grandparent’s weird habits? Saving ‘tin foil’? Keeping supplies of all sorts of things? Keeping old tools and cars and fixing them rather than buying new? Telling you constantly to wash your hands and cover your mouth when you cough? Keeping cash hidden under the mattress? Growing their own garden when they could just as easily buy from the store?

Why all the hassle? What were the events that drove these behaviors?
The Great Depression, world wars, real pandemics, booms and busts — major events that have significant impact upon human behavior to enable survival. Today, we’re experiencing a challenge of equivalent or greater magnitude than they experienced.

While I am not saying which is greater or more disastrous — a world war or the massively errant Draconian response to C-19 that is destroying our global business and consumer ecosystem — as disaster is always relative to our own experiences, and while we will debate the causes and effects, the rational and irrational responses to Covid-19, as we should, one thing is certain. The American, and in this event the global producer and consumer, will change their views and habits for the rest of their lives in one way or another.

While 9-11 had a significant effect, to a certain degree, this event will create even deeper emotional and physical scars that will change us all.

We will have more fear, uncertainty, and doubt with regards to investments and important decisions. We will work to be more prepared and less able to be hurt. We will do what we can to be more healthy and avoid those things which make us more susceptible to illness.

We will hopefully trust our governments less once we truly understand the error of their tyranny (a great thing) and, as a result, we will seek more self-sufficiency and less dependence upon the State (it is my hope, although some will insist upon State ‘care’ — on oxymoron for morons).

We will either have less children, given our fear of exposing them to pandemics or government tyranny, or we will have more children to ensure we have what is needed to perpetuate our bloodlines.

We will seek faith and spiritual recluse (another positive thing). We will spend more time with our families and friends. We will say the same things our elders said to us, to our own children and grandchildren. We will, in many cases, become more humble.

Overall, once the dust settles from this tyranny upon us, either a natural tyranny we may not have been able to prevent — a real and naturally occurring virus, or a man-made tyranny of bioweapons and errantly Draconian and crippling State responses, we will re-group as a new people. Yet, we will never look at the world, our lives, our livelihoods, and our businesses the same.

This is something those who say, ‘We’ll just restart the economy’, don’t get. The ‘economy’, as written about numerous times, has an immeasurably large number of real-time interconnections that start and end with human thought and emotions. When we have life-changing events, these change the way we think and feel. When we change the way we think and feel, as a whole, we change the way the business ecosystem will operate — innovate, invent, produce, consume, compete, and so forth.

In short, the Covid-19 event, regardless our views of causes and where we want to assign blame, will change our business landscape and our lives. This change will present challenges, losses, threats, and devastation. But, it will also present opportunities for re-growth, progress, and innovation and invention that addresses our fears, uncertainties, and doubts. In every time of disaster, the visionaries and innovators create the next greatest companies and business models.

As both a liberty-loving patriot and a CEO coach, I strongly suggest looking to answer the question, ‘Given all that is changing and will change, given historical context of global disaster, what opportunities exist for us to evolve to address these with our core competencies? What competencies should we develop to evolve? And so forth.

We must, as liberty lovers, business leaders, executives, innovators, and professionals, lead into the next phase and ensure we do not fall into the hands of global tyrants, rather, that we use this event to restore faith in the individual, in our ability to innovate to meet any challenge, and in our restoration of protections of life, liberty, private property, and the pursuit of happiness for all, while removing the ever-present threat of government encroachment and tyranny.

What would our grand-parents do? Do that. We need to return to Grandma’s Victory Garden. We need to return to faith, to family, to innovation, to invention, to hard work, to strong character. Let’s take this event and learn from it, change what didn’t work, and move on. Our children and grand-children depend upon our leadership. What will your Victory Garden be?”

— DM Chaney “Thoughts on Liberty and Leadership” (C) 2020

Socialism Makes the Individual Irrelevant

“By definition, collectivism removes the individual, making them irrelevant, thus dehumanizing all individuals as they are consumed by the State oligarchy. As such, those who desire socialism, communism, fascism, or hybrids of these, are seeking a State that dehumanizes them, making their own existence irrelevant. It is only via a sane individual’s ignorance of these facts that they can be convinced to choose a plundering and coercive collectivist State, over individual liberty and liberty’s economic engine, capitalism.”


© DM Chaney 2018

Proven Capitalism vs. Failed Socialism

“Capitalism is the proven economic engine of freedom. Socialism is the failed economic hypothesis of collectivism. The former requires private property ownership, protection of individual liberty, and free-exchange. The latter requires State or State controlled (crony) property, elimination of individual liberty, and centrally planned exchange. The former has enabled the greatest opportunity and prosperity for the broadest numbers of people of all genres and classes in human history. The latter has destroyed opportunity, prosperity, and the lives of hundreds of millions of individuals throughout history.


The former works because it drives the motivation, responsibility and character of those who desire to gain the greatest value from their own efforts, leading to optimal exchange of market signals and information, as well as, the greatest possible innovation, invention, and productivity. The latter fails because it destroys the motivation, responsibility and character of those who desire to succeed to the best if their ability, leading to the destruction of market signals, economic calculation, as well as, the greatest plunder, tyranny and destruction in all of human history. Don’t be a sucker who accepts the coercive and plundering lies of those promoting the latter for personal central planning crony gains. Believe in your own freedom and natural rights to own property, start businesses, self-determine, and freely exchange your property towards your own destiny.”

DM Chaney  “Thoughts on Liberty”

Your Children, Your Enemy?

If you value your life, liberty, property, and pursuit of happiness, pull your kids from public schools, don’t send them to collectivist universities, teach them logic, reason, historical truth, sound economics… or they will eventually support your demise and that of liberty itself, for all.

History repeats itself.

The strategy of the elite to control our educational system that started in the early 1900s, as foundation to enable the destruction of our Republic and individual liberty itself, was brilliantly evil and it has been very effective.

Chinese “Cultural Revolution” – 1966

Today, the combination of Marxist education at all levels has led us to the precipice of slavery for all where, ultimately, no lives matter.

Too many of recent generations are woefully ignorant of history, sound economics, and civics (by globalist’s design). As a result, they are unable to analyze current events to understand their causes, effects, and real solutions. As such, they are easy prey for the well organized global elite’s Marxist army here in the U.S. (BLM, Antifa, DEMs, etc.)

While it could very well be too late, it is critical to correct errant agitprop spewed at all levels of our society, with your children first, regardless their age. If you do not stand up now, you may never again be able.

Carry on, serfs.

DM Chaney “Thoughts on Liberty” (C) 2020

State: You Are Lower Than the Lowest of Animals

“I get why many are scared into submission. I mean, what can you do, right? After all, it’s the State, with guns, telling you to stay home, close your business, not go to work, or you might kill someone, right?

I mean, who would challenge this?

‘What can I do, I’m just little ol’ me.’

But, are you really helpless against this tyranny? Even if you feel the Covid-19 virus is scary and that something must be done to address it, is the State doing the right things?

Do they have a right to shut your business down?

Do they have the right to tell you not to work?

Do they have the right to sequester you in your home?

What do you think?

Deep down, does this massive State response to a virus from which 99% recover (equivalent to the seasonal flu) seem right to you?

If they did this every year for viruses of equal threat could we survive economically, as a society, as individuals, as a family?

Here’s what you need to know.

Regardless what you’ve been taught. Regardless what your local, state and federal government officials are telling you. Regardless what the media is telling you every night on the news and in your favorite entertainment shows and events…

.. you are an individual with unalienable rights.

If you have somehow been convinced that you don’t have any unalienable rights at this time, or even prior to this, let me ask you this:

When you see the lowest of animals, what do they do?

Do they seek shelter?

Do they forage for food?

Who tells them what to do?

What food to eat?

Where to look for food?

How to build their nests and burrows?

How to feed their young?

How to take care of their own wounds?

Which foods to avoid?

Yes, much is instinctive. But the reality is even the lowest of animals self-determine their daily actions.

If the lowest of animals are designed (or if you don’t believe in Creation, have evolved) to self-determine their path to survive and thrive, then why wouldn’t the most sophisticated beings be designed (or have evolved) to self-determine?

As a foundational natural law, doesn’t it seem that you were designed to self-determine, at least equivalent to, or greater than, the self-determination of the lowest of animals? Or, do you think you were designed to be less than the lowest of animals?

If we were designed to self-determine, then ask yourself, who among us is better than any other, to encroach upon this self-determination?

Who can tell you what to eat? Where to shop for food? How you shop for food? What foods to buy or not buy? From whom you buy your foods? What you exchange with those who provide this food as payment? How you earn or produce whatever you exchange with them to get this food? When, where, how often, or with whom you produce?

You see, when anyone steps in and tells you how to do any of the aforementioned, they are making you lower than the lowest of animals. They are saying to you, ‘You are lower than the lowest of animals and don’t have a natural right to do these things! I am superior to you and will tell you what to do!’

Who has this right? No one!

Now, if a society wants to band together to enable specific self-governance necessary to the administration and management of that society, that is up to those individuals. This is what the early colonies did in America. They banded together to protect our natural rights to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness. They banded together to limit the power of government, not their own power of lawful (no harm, no theft) self-determination.

At some point, however, when this society and self-government starts to encroach upon your own lawful self-determination, that society now has started to tell you what to do again. And, the minute any society does this, via their even most limited self-government, they have, by doing so, become an evil society. They have essentially institutionalized the encroachment upon your lawful self-determination, making you the lowest of animals.
Sadly, in the United States of America, since 1912 we have allowed the State, in very significant ways, to encroach upon our self-determination and self-production such that we from that point could no longer be considered a free people.

We became serfs to the banking cartel and world’s wealthiest elite, and to the federal government which became de-facto subservient to it. Increasingly since then, these two entities — the Fed and the federal government — via control of currency and control of our incomes, and our state and local governments, as well, have incrementally, one-bad-law-at-a-time, encroached upon our self-determination to where today we have moved as a society at large to accept the greatest of encroachments.

With this most recent errant justification of encroachment via the threat of a viral illness, however, the State has stepped into our lives and livelihoods and has essentially stolen our most basic liberties in a Draconian manner. The State is now essentially telling us when, where, and how we can work and produce, which is, in fact, an encroachment that makes us lower than the lowest of animals.

But, please don’t despair! Even though you feel helpless, you, in fact, can do something. You are not lower than an animal.

First, you can start by learning about your liberty and freedom and how it has been incrementally, one small step-at-a-time been taken from us, from even before most of us were born, and increasingly ever since. You can research these things for yourself.

Second, you can take this newfound knowledge and start communicating within your sphere of influence to let them know you disagree with State measures that encroach upon your natural rights to life liberty, property, and pursuit of happiness. Start influencing others to push back against State tyranny.

In other words, you can say in no uncertain terms, ‘I am free. I am able to self-determine where I work, how I work, with whom I work, what I do, when I do it, with whom I do it, and so forth, as long as I do no harm (that can be proven) to others. Your fears and concerns, I respect, but I am able to self-determine my life’s course and you have no right to coerce me, to force me to do what you think I should be doing due to your fears and concerns,’ and so forth.

Third, you can call, write your elected officials and let them know you are against any further encroachments. Tell them to release you from your chains. Sign petitions. Join protests against State encroachment. Find, join, and support your local groups that are fighting against State encroachment upon your liberties.

Fourth, simply live your life. Self-determine. Go to work. Do your job. Open your business. There are millions who are fighting back against this latest and greatest State tyranny. Join us. Many are winning and the State is losing as it has no legal or moral standing to continue these unnecessary encroachments. We will prevail. We must prevail.

If you cannot self-determine for the most basic of human rights — over a virus from which apparently nearly or greater than 99% of the people recover — then what freedom do you really have? If they can do this over the minor, what will they do when something truly disastrous happens? Exactly. There will be no limit to their self-awarded powers.

Finally, reclaim your natural rights to lawfully (natural not state law) self-determine. Join all true Americans (not a DEM or GOP thing, an American thing) in fighting for our basic human rights to forage and to do what we need to do to survive and thrive. Are you not worthy of this? Absolutely. You are an American. You are human.”

— DM Chaney “Thoughts on Liberty and Serfdom” (C) Copyright 2020

Read “What Should I Do?” for more insights on becoming human again and stopping tyrants and their cronies from enslaving you and your family.

Collectivism Requires: Ignorance, Evil, or Both

If one supports collectivism — socialism, communism, fascism, Statism, and other forms — they are either ignorant or evil, or both.

  • Ignorant: They don’t realize all forms of collectivism require some form of institutionalized, State enforced [at gunpoint] and managed plunder and coercion of all subjects, always administered by an oligarchy of various forms. This always encroaches upon individual liberty.
  • Evil: They are supporting or administering State run plunder and coercion of all, administered by an evil oligarchy.

DM Chaney (C) 2019

Liberty Not Gained or Sustained by Nicety

“Freedom, and the individual liberty required for freedom to exist, is never won by nicety. It has always been won by the warrior who had to stand face-to-face with the enemy and annihilate them.
Why must we fight today? Not war for war’s sake, in and of itself, but for the right to be free, and to self-determine in one’s own country, on one’s own property. Throughout history, and to this day, there are always tyrants willing to enslave all others and it takes a warrior’s commitment, courage, and heart to stop these tyrants.
Without the well trained and integrous warrior, no politician would survive. No dictator would survive. No nation would survive. And, most assuredly, liberty would never be gained or ever survive.
For many decades these tyrants collectivists of varying stripes–fascists, socialists, communists, Statists–were enabled to rise to power in an attempt to destroy this greatest nation in the history of mankind. 
Those who enabled these blood-thirsty collectivist tyrants of the 20th century–the global elite, the wealthiest families in history and their NGOs, foundations, corporations, and controlling mechanisms–are the same elite who are working constantly today to achieve their century-plus old goal–the takeover and enslavement of the United States of America. Why? The U.S. of A. is the only barrier to the elite’s ultimate grand prize–global central governance and complete control.
To stop these bastards it is ultimately the warrior who will have to fight them. But, it is not only the warrior who will do physical battle, as much as those well trained for combat are critical to the capacity to defend and win. It is more, today, the trench warriors of ideas and principles. It is you. It is me. It is all who love liberty and our national sovereignty required to restore and sustain it.
We are the warriors who must fight daily to educate, confront, and win the many battles against those who would deceive, deflect, and destroy–collectivists in politics, in business, education, the media, entertainment, in industry, at large, as well as, their minions and useful idiots. And yes, our fight must be tough, factual, hard-hitting, and sometimes, yes, even brutually honest. Political correctness is the gateway to serfdom. Nicety will not cut it.
Yes, our collectivist enemies abound. But we, as liberty warriors, are legion. And, we must realize we are in a century-long ideological war and we are the first line of defense.
In this, carry on, and defeat the evil that is collectivism. Defeat it in word and in deed, liberty warrior. Carry on.”
DM Chaney “Thoughts on Liberty” (Daily Journal Drafts)

Yes, Your Ideology Sucks

If one’s ideology requires that they coerce and plunder others to get what they want, to do their ‘good’, that ideology is evil regardless its label. If one will not allow me to coerce them towards my ends, and plunder their property for my gain, then why should they be able to do the same to me (which their ideology–socialism, communism, fascism, statism, corporatism, cronyism, crony capitalism, etc.) demands? They shouldn’t. To believe one can plunder and coerce others but others cannot do the same to them, is irrational, hypocritical, arrogant, and when put into institutional practice in governance, pure evil.”

DM Chaney “Thoughts on Liberty”  © 2019

Thoughts on Liberty: Want freedom? Capitalism required.

Capitalism is the only economic system that aligns with your own personal freedom, your ability to own your own stuff, and your ability to decide your own destiny.

When you are free to pursue your own happiness–when you are truly free–you must be able to buy stuff, sell stuff, own and use stuff as you see fit to survive and prosper. Right?

Bottom line: Capitalism is an organic economic system that is the natural result of your liberty.

photo of man wearing gray shirt near sea

Photo by Kripesh adwani on

Capitalism is simply your ability to freely and organically (naturally driven, related to human action) exchange goods and services, own and control what you purchase, and self-determine what you do with what you purchase or own, protected by the rule-of-lawful-law (to stop those who would steal from and coerce you, and to stop you from doing the same to others).

All of these individual and social functions–buying, selling, owning and use of property, as well as, protection of ability for all to do the same without coercion or plunder–are required for your economic and physical survival as a free individual. All of these functions are required characteristics of freedom, as long as you don’t steal others’ property and do no harm to others and others are not allowed to do the same to you.

Do you want to own your own stuff?

Do you want to do with your own stuff (property) what you want?

Do you want others to not coerce or force you to their will, or to take your stuff?

Are you willing to allow others to do the same — not steal from them or coerce them to your own will?

If you answered yes to these questions, congratulations! You want to be free! You are a Capitalist!

DM Chaney “Thoughts on Liberty” © 2019

Note: It is important to note that Capitalism is not crony capitalism, a form of collectivism. Crony capitalism, or cronyism, is the result of too much government that is then manipulated by the few to benefit the few (cronies). It is important to learn the difference between naturally existing capitalism (which we’ve not had in the U.S. for over a century), that simply is the result of human freedom and the lawful individual function of it, and manipulated, back-room-dealing crony capitalism (corporatism is cronyism for corporations), that is the result of government granting economic, social, political, and individual favors to the few at the expense of the many (taxpayers, producers, especially). Many who attempt to equivocate cronyism and crony capitalism with Capitalism, for whatever self-serving or ignorant reasons, are clueless and a danger to our freedom.

Disconnect from Reality leads to Disaster

“When a society’s voting majority becomes disconnected from reality, disaster and destruction are certain to follow.

Collectivists, today’s DEM and RINO GOP, function on the false narrative, false reality, that we can have success, prosperity, and happiness for all in our nation by: (1) stealing from producers (business owners, net taxpayers); (2) transferring this stolen wealth to the select elite (the oligarchy); and (3) ‘giving’ ‘free stuff’ (healthcare, education, housing, etc.) to non-producers or under-producers (to gain their vote needed to achieve control).

This narrative is simply untrue and impossible. It is disconnected from reality.

All this model does is enslave many and shift the wealth to those who steal to get it, while creating permanent misery for all but those who are on the take. There is no opportunity for good people to use their creativity to advance, regardless their starting point in society. There are the elite and their minions, and all others in permanent misery. The only way to advance is to agree to participate in evil coercion and plunder of your family, friends, and neighbors.

In other words, the model shifts from one based upon liberty, productivity and merit, to one based on serfdom, theft and evil.  This false narrative can only be implemented through plunder and coercion. When institutionalized, this plunder and coercion creates a purely evil system at its core. 

To say that a socialist or collectivist system, or plans to implement same, is good, is to outright lie. To say that moving towards more socialism in our nation is good, is an outright lie. It can only ever be evil. Institutionalized evil plunder and coercion cannot produce good.

Finally, to think a political, economic, and social system based upon evil plunder and coercion is possibly a better system than one that results from human liberty, freedom, and serving others by producing products and services of value to them (free market economy) is to be completely disconnected from reality.  History, logic, and reason clearly demonstrate the opposite–societies that disconnect from reality by implementing collectivist systems are on a certain road to disaster, destruction, and collapse.”

DM Chaney “Thoughts on Liberty” (C) 2019