Shocked by Clinton? Don’t Be.

Don’t be shocked now. Anyone who studies it knows this is the basic modus operandi. It is just how collectivism works. It eats its own. It eats everyone around it. It is a disease. A mental disorder. And, an abject evil. As such, when anyone begins to practice its evil ways, they have few options but to lie, cheat, steal, deceive, and destroy.

Clinton, is a classic “progressive” collectivist. She is positioning for her march to oligarchic power and, as such, she must destroy anyone in her way by any means possible (remember that collectivism always promises that a ‘greater good’ can result from any means, even evil, coercive, and murderous means–not so; evil means always, by definition, must create an evil outcome as evil was committed to achieve it).

No, there is nothing at all shocking about the fact that Hillary bald-faced lies to our Congress, or that she uses her position of power to sell influence and power to others. It is no surprise at all to those aware that she would break any rule, even her own party’s rules, to destroy her competition (Sanders). She’s always practiced her idol’s ways–Saul Alinsky, the author of radical, leftist and collectivist “Rules for Radicals”. She has practiced it from day one of her career, and then with Bill, and then as Secretary of State. Now, she wants to take the same modus operandi to our highest office.


As such, and with all the information that is available about her, in general, if America elects her, those who vote for her deserve everything she will bring upon our nation. A deceitful, leftist, collectivist Supreme Court, for one.

Collectivism, by the way, is the antithesis of freedom and our founding principles. As such, if Hillary is elected, and you vote for her, you are essentially voting to destroy the greatest nation in the history of mankind (despite what you were taught in public school or your college education).

If one thinks I am being dramatic, rest assured I am not. I’ve long since lost a sense of drama about the plight of the once free American society. These are not speculations, rather they are well known facts for those who objectively study the past and present. I am simply sharing what is, and what will be, guaranteed.

Study history and the present and you can well plot the future for evil never changes its spots and evil individuals will always follow the same path when given more power.

Shocked by the DNC rigging the election to enable Hillary’s nomination? Don’t be. It is S.O.P. Shocked by her perjury? Don’t be. It is simply her modus operandi. Shocked by her selling influence and power for campaign and Clinton Foundation donations? Don’t be. How else do you think she’ll control all those who donate for this power?

This, my friends, unless we turn about face, is the new collectivist Amerika. The choice is yours.

DM Chaney “Thoughts on Liberty” (C) 2016

Greatest Threat to Freedom, Peace and Prosperity

The greatest threat to our future freedom, peace and prosperity is not ‘liberals’, collectivists, Clinton, Obama, or RINOs. It is not the economic precipice upon which we balance. It is not ISIS or foreign threats. It is teachers and parents.

If the teacher is: willing to teach inaccurate history and economics; unwilling to teach the core learning skills of logic, reason, and communication; and willing to teach ideologies that deny the natural rights to individual liberty, private property ownership and control, self-determination, and the rule-of-lawful-law that protects these, then they are the most dangerous.


If the parent is: unwilling to teach their children self-responsibility, a love for freedom, and the principles of right and wrong that make clear the evil of collectivism and tyranny–plunder and coercion; unwilling to demand respect for themselves and insist upon the respect of other’s property and being; and unwilling to discipline and correct their children so that they may grow up to be citizens of character worthy of liberty, then they are also the most dangerous to our future freedom, peace and prosperity as a society.

All other issues are the result of these two enablers, good or bad. For as the children of a society are reared and taught, on average, is how that society will go.

As such, we need to confront our schools, federal programs that manipulate them, and ourselves as parents and grand-parents, to ensure these greatest threats are mitigated in our society if we wish to restore freedoms lost and remain free and prosperous.

Most importantly, we need to see that our homes and schools represent the greatest opportunity and hope to enable the greatest freedom, peace and prosperity for the broadest numbers of individuals in history–if we do it right.

DM Chaney “Thoughts on Liberty” (C) 2016

In Memoriam: Writing Through The Tears

How can I write my thoughts of gratitude for their sacrifice when I cannot see through my tears?

How can I express my feelings of both sadness and deep gratitude that will somehow be worthy of thought at a time like this?


How can one ever feel worthy of their sacrifice? Their sacrifice being ultimate and final… those who died while fighting battles against enemies of our most precious of temporal gifts–individual liberty…

…those who perished in human hell on earth giving their all for that which so many fools take for granted–individual liberty.

…those whose last thoughts as they lay dying were of their spouses, children, families and friends they would never see again until eternity.

…those who put others first before self; those who gave all so we could live free–how can one ever repay this ultimate sacrifice?

There is but one way. 

It is not through drunken stupor and mindless parties–although we should salute those with a toast to their bravery and courage.

It is not through endless commercialization to profit from their sacrifice without understanding its meaning–although we should be grateful that we are blessed with the ability to provide for our families in still some freedom.

And it is not through rote and thoughtless repetition of patriotic phrases–although saying what we feel, from our hearts, through our tears of gratitude, through our thoughts of thankfulness for their sacrifice and for God’s blessings of the protections for our freedom, is honoring.

Yet the most important way we can best honor and repay their sacrifice is to know that cause for which they sacrificed and to uphold it in our lives and land.

We must first honor their sacrifice by being individuals of character and honor in our day-to-day lives.

We must do this so we may uphold the principles in our land for which they perished–the protection and sustaining of the principles of right, of justice, of life, of liberty, and of the pursuit of happiness for all, into perpetuity.

This is what we must do if we truly honor our fallen or our celebrations and patriotic words mean nothing.

God bless our fallen. God bless America.

Honor, justice, and humanity, forbid us tamely to surrender that freedom which we received from our gallant ancestors, and which our innocent posterity have a right to receive from us. We cannot endure the infamy and guilt of resigning succeeding generations to that wretchedness which inevitably awaits them if we basely entail hereditary bondage on them. Thomas Jefferson

DM Chaney “Thoughts on Liberty” (C) 2016, Originally Published Memorial Day 2014


Anti-Collectivist’s Challenge: What to Do?

It is an interesting election year. Collectivists are battling among themselves. Anti-collectivists are battling among themselves.

Sadly, it is more likely that collectivists will unite around their common cause of institutionalized coercion and plunder of producers (to everyone’s demise although the sycophants and minions are always duped to believe otherwise), than anti-collectivists will unite around a common cause of protected individual liberty and property ownership for all.

Until a strong voting majority gets that collectivism is evil and that the only good, rational and sustainable system is one that protects individual liberty for all and that removes all things that threaten it, we will continue to decline as a once powerful, free society.


Anti-collectivists must unite around the most important tenets of liberty and freedom and the restoration and sustaining of same, or, there will be no stopping the rise of collectivism of many genres regardless collectivism’s economically proven-to-fail, tyrannical reality.

Some say, and many may feel like, “We’re at the point of no return, for liberty! The takers outnumber the makers!”.

Yet, regardless the reality of swings in a free society towards or away from reality and getting it, and the resulting inevitable swings towards liberty or tyranny in practice, those who do get that liberty is a moral imperative (not a viable alternative as some sell it comparing it as equal alternative to various forms of collectivism) must always do their part, regardless, to restore and sustain liberty and its practice.

As such, the numbers really don’t matter.

What truly matters is what those who “do get it” — “it” being liberty — are doing, day-in and day-out, to restore and sustain. The latter is the life-long duty and calling of all free-persons in every free society (or once free societies) who wish to become and remain free.

With regards to this duty of all those who wish to become and remain free, please read our answer to the question, “What should we do?”, here.

Carry on.

DM Chaney “Thoughts on Liberty” (C) 2016

We Need Freedom-Makers

It would be one thing if the citizens of our country absolutely understood that essential liberties were off limits–untouchable. Then, we would in our various political parties be debating within this constraint.

How can we create and sustain more liberty as a society of free individuals? Debate.

How can we optimize the free-exchange of property by ensuring there are the fewest possible restraints from government or inter-state differences? Debate.

freedom (1)How can we ensure that laws that protect our essential liberties are more and more effective at punishing those who do commit crimes against others? Debate.

How can we utilize technology to ensure the protection of our liberties from future threats of the State, tyrants and foreign entities? Debate.

How can we, working together out of our own self-determination, work more effectively to raise generations of self-reliant, responsible and competent individuals who are able to be self-sufficient? Debate.

How can we be a people of greater and greater individual character? Debate.

In each case, the topic is about becoming the best we can possibly be as free peoples and no topics that ever moved in the other direction, towards less freedom and encroachment upon freedom, would even be considered.

If anything, it would be politically incorrect, by individual choice, to even venture there. You would be laughed out of the town, public square and society.

In this we would not have law-makers, rather, we would have freedom-makers.

It would be one thing if this were true. But, it is not.

Today, and increasingly over the last century, we have law-makers who create laws that cater to selfish crony groups and individuals who largely think of their own political, economic, and social gain.

I want to see debates about the best possible ways to reduce debt, plunder, taxation, coercion, dependency, addiction, cronyism, militarism, welfarism, criminality, and essentially, evil. We all may have different views of the best ways to do so, but as long as these ideas never, ever, ever, ever venture near anything that might smell of encroachment, intrusion, or decreasing liberty, we would all be debating towards a truly positive and amazing outcome.

Let’s debate towards becoming the best possible free people that ever existed vs. becoming yet another generation of fools who sells their greatest temporal blessing for a pot of Utopic and unattainable tyrannical promises.

It would be one thing, wouldn’t it?

DM Chaney “Thoughts on Liberty” (C) 2016

Individuals, not the State, Drive Prosperity

The harsh reality is that the State can never be the driver of a society’s character and prosperity. It also can never resolve the inevitable dysfunction and disaster driven by a society without a strong aggregate majority character.

At best, a free society’s self-government can only help to protect that society from the inevitable lawlessness of the few–both from within and without who encroach upon its lawful-law abiding citizenry–via lawful-law based administration of justice* and sound principles of free-society self-defense.

And even in this best possible scenario, the State cannot possibly prevent these few from acting contrary to the natural laws and norms of a free-society and people, without also creating an unjust society.

The only real driver of a society’s aggregate character and resulting capacity for prosperity is from that society’s individuals, themselves. These individuals either act in alignment with natural law and a code of ethics driven from a strong moral compass, such as principles of the Golden Rule, for example, or not.

When they act, in aggregate majority, out of alignment with natural law and moral compass, this will always result in societal breakdown and ultimate disaster. When they act, in aggregate majority, in alignment with natural law and moral compass, this will always result in societal prosperity.

These are iron clad principles of human governance and societal function that cannot be negotiated, hidden, or changed. Any society that attempts to convince itself otherwise is a foolish society that only hastens its own destruction.

Finally, a society that wishes to be prosperous in any way, not simply monetarily but in all facets of a society’s measure of prosperity, must, as its first and primary priority, raise generation upon generation of individuals who are of sound character and moral fiber. Without this, no free society can sustain itself, much less be truly prosperous, and is either eaten from within or without by the evil that is always gnashing its teeth and waiting at the gates.

DM Chaney “Thoughts on Liberty” (Daily Journal) (C) 2016

* A law enacted by a society’s self-government that encroaches upon the lawful self-determination, or liberty, of even just one individual, cannot, by definition, be a just and right law as it conflicts with natural law. These are unlawful laws. As such, when a society enforces via its law enforcement, judiciary and other, unlawful laws, it is not a just society. Any law enforced that is unlawful, is simply tyranny upon a free people.

True Appreciation Demands Understanding War’s Purpose and Costs

On Veteran’s Day, the best way we can show our appreciation for those who have served and are serving is to consider the purpose, the cost, and the principles of war for free nations. Without serious consideration of these things, our appreciation is weak and shallow. Without understanding and preservation of the principles of defense and war for free nations, we risk losing it all and making the service of our young and brave meaningless, purposeless and even the tool of evil politicians and industrialists towards their own ends, not those ends necessary to maintain freedom.

For my parents, who served in WWII, my daughter who served 8 years in the USMC, my son who enlisted in the USAF, and for all who I know and have known who have served and made this critical sacrifice, thank you for your service and I share these thoughts…

War is the absolute worst solution to mankind’s problems. It is horrific. It is indiscriminate. Its outcomes cannot be predicted. For every soldier that dies, a multiplier of some degree of innocent citizens who did not decide to go to war, or desire to be anyone’s enemy, are killed. The sovereign costs to nations and to the producers of those nations, from the individual taxpayer to the largest business producers, are staggering. The loss of national treasure and resources is the greatest waste of human capacity and productivity imaginable. Worst of all, the loss of human life is simply the worst of human tragedies.

Veterans Day
And it is because the cost of war is so great, that free societies and nations must prepare for them. It is because the risks are so great, that free societies must have the best possible defense against real enemies. It is because, for free societies, the threat of tyrants, ‘isms and the insane, is so real that a free nation can never be caught defenseless or weak. It is exactly because of the unfathomable cost of war and tyrant’s constant, evil threat, that America must always be prepared.

It is also because of the tragic reality of war, that we must never, ever allow our elected representatives to take us to war without great debate and reasoning that can only have as legitimate cause — the just and right defense of individual liberty and freedom itself. It is because of the great cost, both human and financial, of war, that we must do everything within our power as a free people to avoid it.

And when in our future we debate, reason, and objectively analyze our situation, and we objectively and factually find no other alternative is available — we are left without peaceful remedy — then we must absolutely craft war strategy and tactics for clear and decisive military victory. We must never telegraph our intentions nor our strategies and tactics. We must not equivocate. We must act decisively and without mercy to destroy such enemies that would ever cause us to come to this decision in the first place. We must completely destroy this enemy such that they never in the future can rise up to threaten liberty, freedom and peace again.

We must never act halfheartedly, or without resolve — when this worst endeavor does become the only solution — as this empowers evil and weakens the ability to ensure the defeat of freedom’s enemies. We must never allow our brave warriors to engage in anything but right and just war.

As long as there remains in mankind’s hearts an evil that does not obey natural law — God’s law that demands freedom from tyranny for individuals and the free-societies in which they live — war will be the last resort and most costly solution, but the only solution that will ensure the freedom of such societies in these worst of human conditions.

For these reasons, every free society must have for its leaders those who are of sound character and resolve to never use this worst possible solution without completely exhausting all possible peaceful solutions. Every free society, if it is to remain free, must have a citizenry and citizens warriors who understand these principles and who will never allow their elected representatives to enter into unjust, wrong and unwarranted war.

Only a free people of character who restrain the evil of war unless warranted, and fully unleash its wrath when warranted, will remain free. Freedom is not for the weak and indecisive, or the evil and tyrannical.

Finally, the greatest human value is freedom and it must be defended for each individual from those tyrants who wish to enslave and control. Freedom, ultimately, given the unavoidable eventual clash between the tyrant and the free, can only be protected and sustained from time-to-time throughout history, through military victory. Those who abuse this worst of solutions, however, will never remain free.

It is for our veterans, then, that we must all understand these principles and insist that our elected representatives apply them to decisions related to our military and use of it. Without understanding and insisting upon adherence to these principles our appreciation for our veterans is, again, weak and shallow, as well as dangerous. We must always hate war. We must always use it as last resort for just and right cause in the true defense of freedom. We must never allow it to be used by tyrants to destroy freedom itself and enable tyranny. Today, the global political, economic and corporate elite have co-opted our military to be used as a global police force of global collectivist fascism. We must restore the proper and legitimate use of our military else we send our very best and bravest to the service of tyrants and evil.

Thank you, all veterans who have served and are serving the good cause of the defense of true freedom and individual liberty. Your service and commitment is necessary and right. I pray your service will never be taken for granted or used for any cause that is not just, right and necessary to the restoration and sustaining of freedom. Thank you.

DM Chaney “Thoughts on Liberty” (C) 2015

Note: Unless one has been willing to serve to defend our liberty and freedom from legitimate enemies — to act in their own self-defense and defense of the free society in which they’ve been blessed to live — or unless their own children have served in this worst but necessary human solution required to destroy the enemies of liberty, they cannot truly completely understand the costs, nor the losses, of war. As such, they should not be able to make decisions related to the deployment of other’s sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, aunts and uncles, to the stench of war. And it is to all those lost while fulfilling their honorable commitment and duty to uphold the principles of a free society’s defense, and to all those who have lost their children, parents, family or friends to this worst of human solutions, I am forever indebted.