Rage Against the Tyrants

See, if you don’t get this, you don’t get it. Government produces nothing and only takes. At best, government only provides a necessary evil funded by what it takes–that necessary evil being the defense of a society against evil intrusion and evil within.

All other efforts to turn the always coercive State into a creator of solutions for all things, only invite the guaranteed destruction of your liberty, your property, your life, and your pursuit of happiness.

The degree to which this does not resonate or sync with your worldview is the degree to which the State, its minions, cronies, and PR programs have convinced you to become a serf for their serving. And, until you do get this, until the society at large gets it, your ignorance only tightens the chains of subservience around your wrists, life, property, and future.

No Capacity for Freedom

To be clear, the only value the State has, at any time in history, is the performance of the necessary evils of defense of life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness from individual, gang, and State criminality. Otherwise, roads, charity, education, healthcare, and any and all reasons imaginable touted to promote the need for State programs, are easily turned by tyrants and their sycophants into weapons that are wittingly and unwittingly used against the individual. And, they are almost always turned into weapons of one type or another, including, coercion, plunder, taxation, regulation, encroachment, and so forth.

When the majority aggregate population gets this–and sadly often years of tyranny and persecution are required before a societal majority does get this clearly, or clearly once again–they reject the machinations and ploys of tyrants and their sycophants with rage against them.

Yet, until we in this generation rage against the tyrants and reject them at their slightest intent to “save us”, “secure us”, “protect us”, “empower us”, “enlighten us”, or, “advance us”, we as a society do not get it and we will increasingly feel the tightening chains upon us. Until we get it we are increasingly weakened, vulnerable, and headed towards serfdom.

As we bring in a new administration and New Year let us not fall into the deceptive trap of believing that more government of a different brand, somehow works. More government of any brand does not work. As such, we must demand that our new president, administration, and representatives adhere to Constitutional limits, return to a truly limited government, and in doing so, repeal and eliminate intrusions, regulations, taxation, and usurpation of all types wherever possible, and more. Carry on, and rage against the tyrants. Carry on.

DM Chaney “Thoughts on Liberty” (C) 2016

Regardless Who Wins: The Patriot Call Never Changes

Patriots–I’ve been researching, journaling, and writing articles daily now for more than a few years with one singular purpose–the restoration and sustaining of liberty and national sovereignty that we may truly protect life, property, and the pursuit of happiness for the smallest minority–the individual–regardless their creed, color, religious belief, or any other characteristic that defines them uniquely. This is our nation’s unique founding purpose and should be the purpose of every true American.

Regardless how the vote goes today, however, in one of the most important elections in U.S. history, the goal of every patriot remains unchanged. In fact, that goal never changes regardless how prosperous and free we may be, or how suppressed and tyrannized we may be. That goal is as stated above–restore and sustain.

DM Chaney

DM Chaney “Thoughts on Liberty”

“I’ve been blessed to be able to write almost daily for a number of years now with one singular goal: the restoration and sustaining of individual liberty and national sovereignty necessary to protect this liberty. Regardless the outcome of our elections, the patriot’s duty never changes–to assess where we are with regards to the aforementioned goal, and to work to mitigate and eliminate threats towards its achievement and to secure what achievements have been gained. Carry on, patriots, carry on.” DM Chaney

Over time, throughout the course of liberty’s history in America, there have been many forces deployed against individual liberty and our national sovereignty. Forces both internal and external. For good reason–power, wealth, and control. When we live in the greatest nation on earth, by charter, at still by measure regardless our decline, it is always going to be the target of tyrants who plot and lie in wait to take control and to tyrannize for their own gain. We have, in fact, been under the control of a deep state, a de-facto oligarchy, for decades now. This fact has simply been well hidden from us.

Some of us have researched and known of this control. Some have been spreading the word so that others will be aware of our reality as we cannot move towards something, a restoration and sustaining, unless we know who our enemies are and what their strategies and tools are.

Many find it very hard to believe anything other than what they’ve been taught in controlled schools with controlled educational agendas, sold by controlled media, and inculcated by the drone of incessant propagandized entertainment. This is very understandable as this is the exact purpose of the aforementioned–to distract, dumb down, and brainwash the public with a controlled narrative.

Recently, however, we’ve been able to see the inner workings of a number of corrupt tyrannical individuals who are seeking control via the courage and focus of organizations like Wikileaks, Anonymous, Project Veritas, and others. We have many new “proof points” that demonstrate without doubt the lies and criminality of the “progressive”, collectivist, left in the DEM and GOP elite. We’ve been able to see exactly how they manipulate, collude, control, and organize to incite violence and create false narratives, as well as, plainly and arrogantly break the law to achieve their ends. These are corrupt collectivists as there can be no upstanding collectivist.

Collectivism is the core lie that drives the ideology of the enemies of the patriot. It can not produce good or truth as its foundation is based upon a lie–that good may be derived from evil coercion, plunder, and force against the smallest minority of one. As such, regardless where we look into the inner workings, processes, systems, and actions of those driven by a collectivist ideology–to control others via coercive force–we see the lies, deceptions, falsehoods, and machinations inherent in this ideology.

Given this, the reality is, regardless the direction of the election today. Nothing really changes. The corruption that has existed to this day, to whatever degree it does, must be eliminated. We either have a government that supports the patriot, the people, towards this end, or we do not. If we do not, we must act to ensure this happens regardless. And even if it appears we have a friend to the patriot, to the one and only true charter of America, in office, we must still do the same thing–hold their feet to the fire of the principles and practices of free societies.

In other words, regardless who wins the presidency or control of the Congress, and other public offices, the task of the patriot does not change. It may be a tougher task, or an easier task. But, it never, ever, ever, changes. If Trump wins, even though he was the most anti-collectivist presidential candidate who could win, in this race, he still has many flaws. Patriots must hold his feet to the fire and challenge him to truly restore and sustain. If Clinton wins, we must seek justice for her crimes against the people and keep her from any ability to function as a president given her threat to national security and to the liberties, and lawful law that protects these, of each and every American individual. The task may be greater or lesser but there is always a task in front of us.

Regardless how much we need to restore and sustain today, we still have much for which we should be thankful. We are not yet imprisoned for our views and our desire to be free. We are free to communicate, at least for now. We still have many of the protections of our life, property, liberty, and pursuit of happiness that many before us have fought to restore and preserve. We should be mindful of these remaining blessings even though they are constantly under siege.

Finally, however, we also have much for which we need to take responsibility to fix. We, first and foremost, have a character gap in our country that is leading us to this point in history. We have uncontrolled debt and still it seems everyone wants their own piece and someone else to fix it. We have lazy attitudes and a weak understanding of history and the principles of liberty which are the responsibility of each and every citizen who hopes to reap the benefits of freedom to know and apply. We have rampant criminality and few willing to challenge it. We have weakness of character across the board that drives all of our weaknesses and threats, that must be restored and sustained, in fact, before we can ever truly hope to restore and sustain individual liberty and a strong national sovereignty necessary to protect this liberty.

Regardless who wins, we have the same challenge moving forward from November 8th, 2016 that we’ve had since our founding. The names have changed. The problems have changed. The threats have changed. But, largely, they always are the same–the threats of evil vs. good, character vs. criminality, right vs. wrong. As such, our marching orders remain unchanged. We must be that strong pivot of patriots who get it, and get it right, and let the chips fall where they may.

Give me liberty or give me death and carry on,

DM Chaney

November 8th, 2016

And from my blog: “What Should We Do?”


“Thoughts on Liberty”  (C) 2016
Note: I’ve not posted in my blog for awhile given a battle with that evil “C” word. God has blessed and I am C free. There is purpose. Carry on.

Shocked by Clinton? Don’t Be.

Don’t be shocked now. Anyone who studies it knows this is the basic modus operandi. It is just how collectivism works. It eats its own. It eats everyone around it. It is a disease. A mental disorder. And, an abject evil. As such, when anyone begins to practice its evil ways, they have few options but to lie, cheat, steal, deceive, and destroy.

Clinton, is a classic “progressive” collectivist. She is positioning for her march to oligarchic power and, as such, she must destroy anyone in her way by any means possible (remember that collectivism always promises that a ‘greater good’ can result from any means, even evil, coercive, and murderous means–not so; evil means always, by definition, must create an evil outcome as evil was committed to achieve it).

No, there is nothing at all shocking about the fact that Hillary bald-faced lies to our Congress, or that she uses her position of power to sell influence and power to others. It is no surprise at all to those aware that she would break any rule, even her own party’s rules, to destroy her competition (Sanders). She’s always practiced her idol’s ways–Saul Alinsky, the author of radical, leftist and collectivist “Rules for Radicals”. She has practiced it from day one of her career, and then with Bill, and then as Secretary of State. Now, she wants to take the same modus operandi to our highest office.


As such, and with all the information that is available about her, in general, if America elects her, those who vote for her deserve everything she will bring upon our nation. A deceitful, leftist, collectivist Supreme Court, for one.

Collectivism, by the way, is the antithesis of freedom and our founding principles. As such, if Hillary is elected, and you vote for her, you are essentially voting to destroy the greatest nation in the history of mankind (despite what you were taught in public school or your college education).

If one thinks I am being dramatic, rest assured I am not. I’ve long since lost a sense of drama about the plight of the once free American society. These are not speculations, rather they are well known facts for those who objectively study the past and present. I am simply sharing what is, and what will be, guaranteed.

Study history and the present and you can well plot the future for evil never changes its spots and evil individuals will always follow the same path when given more power.

Shocked by the DNC rigging the election to enable Hillary’s nomination? Don’t be. It is S.O.P. Shocked by her perjury? Don’t be. It is simply her modus operandi. Shocked by her selling influence and power for campaign and Clinton Foundation donations? Don’t be. How else do you think she’ll control all those who donate for this power?

This, my friends, unless we turn about face, is the new collectivist Amerika. The choice is yours.

DM Chaney “Thoughts on Liberty” (C) 2016

Greatest Threat to Freedom, Peace and Prosperity

The greatest threat to our future freedom, peace and prosperity is not ‘liberals’, collectivists, Clinton, Obama, or RINOs. It is not the economic precipice upon which we balance. It is not ISIS or foreign threats. It is teachers and parents.

If the teacher is: willing to teach inaccurate history and economics; unwilling to teach the core learning skills of logic, reason, and communication; and willing to teach ideologies that deny the natural rights to individual liberty, private property ownership and control, self-determination, and the rule-of-lawful-law that protects these, then they are the most dangerous.


If the parent is: unwilling to teach their children self-responsibility, a love for freedom, and the principles of right and wrong that make clear the evil of collectivism and tyranny–plunder and coercion; unwilling to demand respect for themselves and insist upon the respect of other’s property and being; and unwilling to discipline and correct their children so that they may grow up to be citizens of character worthy of liberty, then they are also the most dangerous to our future freedom, peace and prosperity as a society.

All other issues are the result of these two enablers, good or bad. For as the children of a society are reared and taught, on average, is how that society will go.

As such, we need to confront our schools, federal programs that manipulate them, and ourselves as parents and grand-parents, to ensure these greatest threats are mitigated in our society if we wish to restore freedoms lost and remain free and prosperous.

Most importantly, we need to see that our homes and schools represent the greatest opportunity and hope to enable the greatest freedom, peace and prosperity for the broadest numbers of individuals in history–if we do it right.

DM Chaney “Thoughts on Liberty” (C) 2016

In Memoriam: Writing Through The Tears

How can I write my thoughts of gratitude for their sacrifice when I cannot see through my tears?

How can I express my feelings of both sadness and deep gratitude that will somehow be worthy of thought at a time like this?


How can one ever feel worthy of their sacrifice? Their sacrifice being ultimate and final… those who died while fighting battles against enemies of our most precious of temporal gifts–individual liberty…

…those who perished in human hell on earth giving their all for that which so many fools take for granted–individual liberty.

…those whose last thoughts as they lay dying were of their spouses, children, families and friends they would never see again until eternity.

…those who put others first before self; those who gave all so we could live free–how can one ever repay this ultimate sacrifice?

There is but one way. 

It is not through drunken stupor and mindless parties–although we should salute those with a toast to their bravery and courage.

It is not through endless commercialization to profit from their sacrifice without understanding its meaning–although we should be grateful that we are blessed with the ability to provide for our families in still some freedom.

And it is not through rote and thoughtless repetition of patriotic phrases–although saying what we feel, from our hearts, through our tears of gratitude, through our thoughts of thankfulness for their sacrifice and for God’s blessings of the protections for our freedom, is honoring.

Yet the most important way we can best honor and repay their sacrifice is to know that cause for which they sacrificed and to uphold it in our lives and land.

We must first honor their sacrifice by being individuals of character and honor in our day-to-day lives.

We must do this so we may uphold the principles in our land for which they perished–the protection and sustaining of the principles of right, of justice, of life, of liberty, and of the pursuit of happiness for all, into perpetuity.

This is what we must do if we truly honor our fallen or our celebrations and patriotic words mean nothing.

God bless our fallen. God bless America.

Honor, justice, and humanity, forbid us tamely to surrender that freedom which we received from our gallant ancestors, and which our innocent posterity have a right to receive from us. We cannot endure the infamy and guilt of resigning succeeding generations to that wretchedness which inevitably awaits them if we basely entail hereditary bondage on them. Thomas Jefferson

DM Chaney “Thoughts on Liberty” (C) 2016, Originally Published Memorial Day 2014


Anti-Collectivist’s Challenge: What to Do?

It is an interesting election year. Collectivists are battling among themselves. Anti-collectivists are battling among themselves.

Sadly, it is more likely that collectivists will unite around their common cause of institutionalized coercion and plunder of producers (to everyone’s demise although the sycophants and minions are always duped to believe otherwise), than anti-collectivists will unite around a common cause of protected individual liberty and property ownership for all.

Until a strong voting majority gets that collectivism is evil and that the only good, rational and sustainable system is one that protects individual liberty for all and that removes all things that threaten it, we will continue to decline as a once powerful, free society.


Anti-collectivists must unite around the most important tenets of liberty and freedom and the restoration and sustaining of same, or, there will be no stopping the rise of collectivism of many genres regardless collectivism’s economically proven-to-fail, tyrannical reality.

Some say, and many may feel like, “We’re at the point of no return, for liberty! The takers outnumber the makers!”.

Yet, regardless the reality of swings in a free society towards or away from reality and getting it, and the resulting inevitable swings towards liberty or tyranny in practice, those who do get that liberty is a moral imperative (not a viable alternative as some sell it comparing it as equal alternative to various forms of collectivism) must always do their part, regardless, to restore and sustain liberty and its practice.

As such, the numbers really don’t matter.

What truly matters is what those who “do get it” — “it” being liberty — are doing, day-in and day-out, to restore and sustain. The latter is the life-long duty and calling of all free-persons in every free society (or once free societies) who wish to become and remain free.

With regards to this duty of all those who wish to become and remain free, please read our answer to the question, “What should we do?”, here.

Carry on.

DM Chaney “Thoughts on Liberty” (C) 2016

We Need Freedom-Makers

It would be one thing if the citizens of our country absolutely understood that essential liberties were off limits–untouchable. Then, we would in our various political parties be debating within this constraint.

How can we create and sustain more liberty as a society of free individuals? Debate.

How can we optimize the free-exchange of property by ensuring there are the fewest possible restraints from government or inter-state differences? Debate.

freedom (1)How can we ensure that laws that protect our essential liberties are more and more effective at punishing those who do commit crimes against others? Debate.

How can we utilize technology to ensure the protection of our liberties from future threats of the State, tyrants and foreign entities? Debate.

How can we, working together out of our own self-determination, work more effectively to raise generations of self-reliant, responsible and competent individuals who are able to be self-sufficient? Debate.

How can we be a people of greater and greater individual character? Debate.

In each case, the topic is about becoming the best we can possibly be as free peoples and no topics that ever moved in the other direction, towards less freedom and encroachment upon freedom, would even be considered.

If anything, it would be politically incorrect, by individual choice, to even venture there. You would be laughed out of the town, public square and society.

In this we would not have law-makers, rather, we would have freedom-makers.

It would be one thing if this were true. But, it is not.

Today, and increasingly over the last century, we have law-makers who create laws that cater to selfish crony groups and individuals who largely think of their own political, economic, and social gain.

I want to see debates about the best possible ways to reduce debt, plunder, taxation, coercion, dependency, addiction, cronyism, militarism, welfarism, criminality, and essentially, evil. We all may have different views of the best ways to do so, but as long as these ideas never, ever, ever, ever venture near anything that might smell of encroachment, intrusion, or decreasing liberty, we would all be debating towards a truly positive and amazing outcome.

Let’s debate towards becoming the best possible free people that ever existed vs. becoming yet another generation of fools who sells their greatest temporal blessing for a pot of Utopic and unattainable tyrannical promises.

It would be one thing, wouldn’t it?

DM Chaney “Thoughts on Liberty” (C) 2016